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Work...and more work...
I have SO much work to do before this semester ends. I'm ready for it though. I have the next couple weeks off of work and I'm ready to get down and dirty.
I was reading my english book and I was inspired by the argumentation fallacies entry:
"Ad Hominem Argument
Arguing ad hominem (literally, "against the man") means making an irrelevant attack on a person rather than dealing with the actual issue under discussion. Suppose, for example, that Senator Goodfellow, who has admitted to cheating on his income tax for the past five years, proposes a bill for welfare reform. It would be a fallacy to attack the bill by arguing that its proponent is guilty of tax evasion. The bill may be logical, humane, and in the best interest of the country. If it is not, what are its weaknesses? The bill, not Senator Goodfellow's problems with the Internal Revenue Service, should be the subject of discussion.
     One cannot be expected to take "Kubla Khan" seriously. Coleridge admitted to wrting it after he had taken drugs.
     Hemingway was a notorious womanizer. How can we value any of his ideas on morality and fidelity?

Such a practice indicates little understanding of the artistic process or of human nature. Writers, like all people, have human quirks and illnesses; yet such writers have produced inspiring works that affirm the highest values of civilization, and those affirmations deserve consideration. After all, most of us are a mixture of good and evil, wisdom and folly, generosity and greed; if we waited until we found a good idea proposed by a perfect person, we might wait forever." -Student's Book of College English 12th Ed. David Skwire and Harvey S. Weiner
This goes out to all those damn people who like to say "down with the man", who think that judging ANYONE because of something they did is ok, just because of their work title. 


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