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I have such a migraine. I'm going over my textbook again and again and nothing is sinking in. I have to write down all the important information my teacher gave us prep notes on and then go back and retype them and it still seems as though nothing has registered when I start testing. There is SO MUCH reading and info, and then I have to read through it AT LEAST twice, and THEN write the notes AT LEAST three times, and it just doesn't seem like there is enough time. I have to get my psych test done tonight, because I have a final in math tuesday (and a makeup from the second test I didn't take) that if I don't study I'll fail, PLUS three projects due the same day (I haven't started any of them). THEN on thursday I have my human service test, and the following thursday the make up for the second test. I missed TWO tests this semester from the pneumonia. It seemed though, that all of my tests always came at the same time. I haven't even read the chapters that I have due in another week for the 5th and last psych test. SO much reading...
I'm trying though. As long as I can pass, I'll do better next semester. It's the psych that's pulling me down. I'm great at math, English isn't even a problem, I'm all caught up, I love my teacher, it's awesome, and HS I'm going to do fine in, I have plenty of time to study (if I finish my PSYCH work).
I have been terribly constipated for the last month. So bad that I went two or three weeks, started puking and nausea in the middle of my pnumonia spell, thought that's what it was from and did not do an enema, and when I went to the dr he said he was close to hospitilizing me- for constipation? Only me. That's why i had a migraine for the full week of my pnuemonia, not because of the obvious. I did enemas for three days, barely had 2 md bms, and it's been another full week at least and I haven't gone since. I've done prune juice every night (which used to work better than most medications for me), I have been taking stool softeners(what comes out is still hard as a rock), and I've been doing laxatives every night. Nothing. Now I'm getting stomach achiness again, so I'm back to daily enemas and barely anything. So sad.
Well, I need to do my work, so I better put this up now....


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