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Back Again...
I've written in these when I was younger, but this is my first time in a long time. I think online journaling has gotten me into a lot of trouble. Now, having not so many friends and frienemies to read and use my words in ways to hurt me will allow me to speak freely.
I might as well use this time to get something off my chest, my sister who I love dearly, has really gotten on my nerves lately. She went from the tom boy in school to being miss diva. With this new look and attitude she has come into the thinking that she is better than me in some ways, She won't bring her boyfriend around, I know she's upset about where we're living, but for her to say some of the things she says to me- it's degrading. We were in a large fight last week, and I was so upset I just broke and cried to the point where I couldn't breath or talk, and she had the right to say to me that what she says about me is funny, but the comment I made to her, which I did to show her what it's like to be spoken to the way she speaks to me, she said was so mean that her and her friends "could not even believe I was her sister."
She's still so naive. And I don't know why I let it bother me so much... but it does.


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